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No matter what size your business is, we are professionally passionate about helping you find, deploy and manage the best solution for your business. With expertise across the entire information security landscape we strive to work with you to get the most out of your existing IT security solutions, tailoring your needs to simplify your infrastructure and reduce cost.

Project Consultancy, Solution Design & Implementation

We take great care in fully understanding your project requirements at the design stage, we implement with equal care & attention. The project is never complete until you are 100% satisfied.

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Camwey’s Professional Services represent a complete suite of IT security engineering and IT security consulting services enabling a quick and precise response to any security solution requirement.  The approach is cost-predictable and tailored to your specific requirements.

The crucial first step is to work with you to accurately define your security requirements, we can then turn these into a detailed design proposal – including costs. A project plan would be created and each phase of the work accurately documented and tested according to an agreed plan. The project is not complete until you are 100% satisfied that all your requirements have been met.

Review & Assessment

Network Assessment service – What exactly is happening on your network? Invisible problems could be slowing it down and impacting business-critical applications and causing user frustration or lost revenue.

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Your network is essential to your business, but can you be sure that it is working properly or being used appropriately? Visibility allows organisations to make informed decisions on Risk, Performance and Controls and our Network Assessment service could save you time, money and pain.

Your Need
Do applications work properly or sometimes inexplicably timeout? What exactly is happening on your network?

What we will do
We will make everything visible and clear to you and ensure your network is working properly with our network assessment service. Our qualified engineer will have a quick chat with you about your set-up and any issues you have, and then fit a device that passively monitors not just your internal network traffic, but your external connections as well. An assessment of your network will itemise every application running on your network and how much resource each one uses. We will confirm the speed and reliability of applications, identifying bottlenecks and applications that hog network resources. We will identify technical problems, find areas for improvement and track personal usage by staff.

What we will deliver
You will then receive a full report that gives our recommendations to optimise your network, giving priority to the critical applications for your business. With our help, you can see any problems with usage and performance. We will also expose the things that slow your network down unnecessarily and frustrate users. These could also mean you are thinking of upgrading systems when you don’t really need to.

Security Assessment service – How effective is your security?  We provide a comprehensive threat analysis report identifying where your security controls may be inadequate.
In today’s challenging business environment, interruptions are unpredictable and costly occurrences, but are contingencies for which a successful business must plan. And the first step is a review of the security infrastructure. Whether it’s a malicious hacker, a stolen laptop, illegal access to sensitive information, an email virus, or human error, prior preparation is key to minimising negative impact to the business. Random, sudden and unexpected events can have a significant impact on revenue, corporate reputation and customer relationships. Whilst such an occurrence cannot be predicted or controlled, effective risk management of information systems and data will ensure you meet increasing availability and compliance requirements.

Managed Services

A comprehensive range of fully managed network and application security solutions using market leading security solutions.

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  • Camwey Managed Security Service offers a comprehensive range of fully managed network and application security solutions using market leading security technology.
  • The Managed Firewall service provides a range of firewalls that provide security with virtual private network (VPN) capabilities which allow manageable site-to-site and remote access capabilities, and the provision of flexible yet consistent corporate security policies to any business
  • The Managed Security Gateway service involves multiple technologies to secure and protect all layers of your network against evolving and ever increasing security threats. Any number of Security Service Modules may be purchased, which include Application control, Identity Awareness, DLP, Email Web & URL security, Threat Emulation & Extraction and DDoS.

Support Services

All solutions are backed by a support contract to meet your requirements (be it 9×5 or 24×7). We can augment your support contract with a Technical Account Management (TAM) service for our ultimate level of customer care.

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Our support desk is supporting thousands of security devices, across all our customers.   As a customer you decide on the severity level of your problem and the required SLA.  We offer a direct line of communication between your account manager and our Managing Director, meaning resources can be reprioritised instantly where required. All problems are dealt with, regardless of complexity, including advise on upgrades and rebuilds, helping you with whatever you need.  We will only stop when you decide the problem would be better suited to an onsite engagement.  Camwey as your single security support partner will understand all aspects of your security infrastructure and the interrelationships between gateway & security devices which yields faster diagnosis of issues and root cause. You can have an unlimited support contract which guarantees you unlimited telephone support or units which are only used only when you call.

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

Cyber Essentials, PCI DSS, Internal or external, network or application, black-hat or white-hat – whatever the type of penetration testing required, we can tailor our services to meet your needs.

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PCI DSS, Internal or external, network or application, black-hat or white-hat – whatever the type of penetration testing required, we can tailor our services to meet your needs. Contact Us to receive a more detailed datasheet on our Penetration Testing services.

Information Security Management

Risk Assessment and ISO27001 Reviews tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements.

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The Information Commissioner’s Office is coming down hard on organisations that fail to comply with their responsibilities when it comes to handling personal data. There is often confusion about what is and is not personal data; additionally the distinction between personal and sensitive personal data is not always made correctly. Our Privacy Impact Assessment service is the first step to helping your organisation meet DP requirements. Risk Assessment and ISO27001 Reviews – Our Risk Assessment service is always tailored to your oganisation’s specific requirements, but typically involves a standards-based review of policies, procedures and controls; either for specific applications, infrastructure systems or business processes.

Our Solutions

As a best-of-breed security provider we can offer our customers advice across a multitude of vendors and across the wide spectrum of information security.
Identity Management, Remote Access and Strong Authentication

Our Partners

We focus solely on the IT security marketplace and so form close working relationships with Best of Breed Security vendors and their key personnel. This ensures you receive the right level of service and attention when you need it.

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