Securing Your Organisation

Camwey has customers across all industry verticals throughout the UK, though has particular experience in Finance and Government sectors. This varied experience gives us a broad and comprehensive understanding of the latest indiscriminate threats, knowledge that we can put at your disposal to secure your organisation.

Finance Sector Focus

Every customer, however large or small, share similar requirements when it comes to effective security solutions and the value that they add to their operation; the need to identify what information assets are critical to their business, the risks they could be exposed to, the security controls needed and how they could continue to do business if attacked.

However, a specific vertical knowledge is important in some sectors such as Finance given the additional sensitivity of information, the large transaction values and the legal and compliance requirements. Camwey is a specialist provider in this sector through working with multiple enterprise organisations for many years.

The lifeblood of a banking or financial services firm is data. This financial and banking data includes customer financials and account information, cardholder data and transactions and non-public personal information. The data security compliance and regulation challenges alone are daunting for banking or financial services firms.  Each data security requirement adds to the need to protect sensitive data wherever it resides. In addition, banking and financial services organizations must meet the additional data security concerns that result from normal operations:

Safeguarding critical financial data from data breaches with maximum return and minimum risk.

Adjusting security postures as external attacks on financial infrastructure and online properties increase and change.

Meeting the need to protect from the traditional concerns with insiders and privileged users, while also dealing with the additional hazards that compromise of these might bring.

Most significantly most Financial Services organisations have come to accept that they will experience cyber-attacks as part of business-as-usual operations and as a result have moved on from expecting to be able to create an impenetrable organisation, to focusing on creating a resilient one with the right technology and processes to counter all stages of the kills chain – and it is in this that Camwey has extensive experience.

Many, many years of industry experience in finance and insurance has made us fluent in the your language; your products and services are quickly understood by us and we can quickly grasp your particular security requirements. When combined with a strong technical background, you have the ideal partner in Camwey.

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