Magic Circle Law firm maintains control over international recreational and business-critical application traffic

Magic Circle Law firm maintains control over recreational and business-critical application traffic using Camwey and Bluecoat.

A Magic Circle and leading Global law firm, relies on the Internet to deliver all their central applications to their distributed offices around the world. And they also needed to ensure their users can quickly and effectively access to all sites on the Internet, while not opening themselves up to unnecessary risks.

The Challenge

They were experiencing frequent performance bottlenecks with their existing McAfee URL filtering and Proxy solution and wanted to provide users with the fastest possible response times so they could access resource intensive sites and other services needed for their job. They didn’t know exactly what the users were going to do, so they needed to be ready and ensure all the access and systems needed were available, instantly.

The Solution

With Camwey’s considerable experience in this area they were selected to review the requirements, recommend a solution and to run a live Proof of Concept for Websense and Bluecoat – in their New York office in the run up to Christmas, their busiest time of year.  Blue Coat ProxySG and MAR appliances were found to deliver the all important fastest response times so the solution was selected and Camwey were then asked to roll out the 50 appliances to their 20 offices worldwide within just 45 days.  The solution maintains proper control over recreational and business-critical application traffic running across their networks, ensuring that important content and applications get to users quickly and efficiently.


  1. Improved Internet experience for users around the globe, with compression and caching
  2. Reduction of bandwidth costs – 30-40% in some cases
  3. Increased visibility into what users are doing for better bandwidth management
  4. Enhanced protection of Web traffic
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