Global 500 Insurance company uses Camwey for email encryption

In April 2015 an American Fortune Global 500 Insurance company replaced their Cisco IronPort Encryption Appliance for encrypted email with Camwey’s “Totemo” solution. 

Cisco announced End-of-Life for the Cisco® IronPort Encryption Appliance (IEA) and its associated software features, effective as of July 20, 2015 and this customer undertook a thorough examination of all options before selecting Camwey & Totemo.

The Challenge

Message confidentiality, integrity and authenticity are essential to the sensitive information needs of this global company. Communicating with IFAs, internal staff and customers requires a reliable secure messaging solution that protects sensitive information even when on the move. The solution had to be FIPS 140-2-validated and optimized for mobile devices and strictly observe security policies as well as monitor them comprehensively for internal and external audits.

The Solution

After a rigorous proof of concept totemomail® Encryption Gateway was selected. It met all requirements and provided an all-in-one approach for encryption. It protects confidential email communication with any given external partner. Encrypted transmission of all emails including delivery confirmation, sender identification, guaranteed message integrity as well as message non-repudiation are the automated core functionalities of the solution. It is completely transparent, requires neither additional email clients nor plug-ins and is therefore easily and quickly integrated into any existing environment.


  1. Flexible and secure email communication with external partners (b2b and b2c) with or without an encryption technology of their own
  2. No installation of specific email clients or plug-ins necessary – neither for employees nor business partners or customers
  3. Granular definition of user roles
  4. Work processes and software remain unaffected by implementation, no need to learn new software program
  5. Seamless migration from Cisco IEA for all users, including the ability to open all historic encrypted messages for the past 7 years.
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